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Should someone suspect the presence of a wasp's nest either within their house or even somewhere around their property, once it is confirmed they will need to get themselves a professional pest controller to go and do something about it. Trying to address it oneself is usually dangerous and could make things worse. Not merely scary (to lots of people), and justifiably as their sting can be very painful, wasps can also be dangerous due to the danger of Anaphylactic shock caused by an allergic reaction. Before contacting the experts, though, you’ll want to make sure you know what you’re dealing with. If you see any swarming around the nest, then it is almost certainly bees as wasps tend not to swarm. Bees are typically not killed but rather relocated because there is a shortage of bees and they are essential to the pollination of flowers.
A professional wasp controller tackling a nest in the roof.
Even if you are sure that you do have a wasps nest however, wasp control should not be carried out yourself. There are lots of methods out there for dealing with wasps nests, from knocking them down, blocking up the entrance, setting fire to them or even placing explosives in them. None of them, however, will actually solve the problem of the wasps as none of the techniques will destroy all the wasps. Instead, you will have a bunch of angry wasps where you probably had docile ones before. And once they calm down a bit again, in all likelihood they will simply start building the nest again.

Unfortunately there really is no alternative to calling in professionals to carry out the proper wasp control procedures. Not only do they have superior knowledge and training, but they are the only ones certified to use the proper insecticides to kill the wasps. It comes in powder form and is blown, with a long hose, either straight into the wasps nest, or into an entranceway that leads to the wasps nest. The way it works is that as each wasp comes into the nest, or goes through the entranceway leading to the nest, they will get some of the insecticide on their feet and eventually die. As all wasps have to return to their nest at some point, this is a sure fire way of getting all of them. It is also a method which will not anger them too much, at least after the first application. It is a good idea to close all doors and windows when the insecticide is being applied as the wasps will probably perceive it as a threat and go a bit crazy, and that is why you see wasp controllers wearing large protective suits. Once they calm down, however, they will continue to go about their business normally until they all die off. Don’t make wasps angry!

This is the only safe approach to wasp control, as well as being the only effective technique. It is not even necessary to take down the nest as wasps do not re-use nests season after season, probably because they are basically made from papier-mâché, so wouldn’t survive the winter very well. The wasp nest control procedures can be carried out quickly and for a low price, so it is a good idea to contact the professionals as soon as you have located a wasps nest.
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